Engagement throughout the customer journey in the world’s most popular messaging apps and SMS

With an estimated 4 billion accounts and 2 billion users, messaging apps offer companies unrivaled opportunities when compared to outdated forms of communication. (the opportunity)

Consumers now expect the ability to either answer their own questions or to be able to communicate with your company as easily as they communicate with their friends and families. And when it comes to content, consumers no longer expect you to determine what, when, and how they hear from you – email inboxes are a tad full these days. (consumer pain points)

Here at conv.rs, whether through 2 click software trial and webinar registrations, real-time agent translated chats, or delivering personalized content, we ensure that you are ready to truly leverage what messaging and chat has to offer. (the conv.rs solution)


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Industry Specific & Custom Bot Automation

Pre-built industry-specific solutions such as 2 click software or webinar signups through to integrating into your internal platforms.

Omnichannel Dashboard

A centralized agent inbox and chat functionality, with real-time translations, qualification data, CRM integrations and social media lookup, enable holistic customer profiling.

Delivery Preference & Push Messaging

Users determine what, when and how content is delivered to them. From financial instrument price alerts, daily updates or account specific notifications. It's time to turn off the fire hose.

Compliance and Record Keeping

From platform rule adherence (an underappreciated corporate risk) through to centralized record keeping, regulatory and GDPR compliance.

Use WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, SMS and MMS to convert more business quicker.

With the constant introduction of new messaging apps, the stress and complexity of managing them will continue to increase. Let us deal with the pipework while you deal with the conversation and engagement.

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Ready to communicate smarter?

Let us show you how we can help you communicate how your customers expect you to do so.

  • What has surprised you most about your experience with Conv.rs? The first-rate and super fast responsive service we get from Conv.rs on an ongoing basis. Not only was set up easy, but maintenance is too, making it easy for our staff to use the software and improve their KPIs.
    Global Sales Director
  • It was crucial to develop our first communication with our customers. Especially with the more millennial customers, which we have found to be more responsive among the 20-35 age group. Communication through instant messaging channels helps us to commercially improve our conversions and improves our relationship with our customers as well as a greater engagement with the brand by having a trusted person on the other side with whom you can communicate on a daily basis.

    Without a doubt, Conv.rs has created value in our sales and conversion channel.
    Head Of Sales UK, EU and LatAm
  • As a customer experience manager and marketer, the Conv.rs platform has been a godsend in terms of increasing customer engagement and upping the customer experience in general. Customers expect help when they want it and how they want it, and communication via the social channels provides a much more efficient service, while also allowing more intimate customer relationships to form. The UI itself provides a clear and simple interface for support agents to provide quick chat support, while the back end offers useful integrations with internal systems, aimed at streamlining the customer journey. The team is always on hand to help with set up, troubleshoot any issues, and are always open to feedback suggestions. It’s a pleasure to recommend Conv.rs to any business serious about their customers.
    Head of Customer Service
  • We were looking to upscale our Livechat and choosing Conv.rs has more than delivered. In a time when customer experience really counts, this solution has enabled us to really step it up. We have learned that there are no limits to what Conv.rs can deliver. We have been able to explore our customer communication in a way that would not have been possible with our previous solution. Most importantly we have seen an immediate positive reaction from our clients. We look forward to a long partnership where ‘It cannot be done’ is not part of the conversation.
    Head of Global Support
  • “As younger generations begin trading, it is important that brokers don’t communicate with them in traditional ‘old school’ ways of phone calls and emails, but in the ways, they find most accessible – this will accelerate global business opportunities for brokers, and I believe is one of the biggest technology innovations we have seen for MetaTrader brokers in recent times.” Tom Higgins, CEO of Gold-i
  • “We are very pleased to have partnered with Conv.rs and thus, be able to offer a new vehicle to our existing clients. We totally believe in the importance of messaging and social media and are delighted to be able to offer this new service.” Setxi Fernánez, CEO at FXStreet

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